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We Are More Than Pet Food

2016-02-16 13.47.27 FB 2-24-16 Niobe2016-02-16 13.23.38 FB 2-24-16 Bo and JonLook at them. Beause they and so many more are the faces of better health. All thanks to you. Because once again you are helping The Pongo Fund do something incredibly special. But to really understand, you must walk with us to go where we go.

Because meeting people where they are, when they are, is crucial. Because sometimes that’s the only chance there is. That’s why as often as possible The Pongo Fund gets as close as we can to someone’s home. Or when necessary, right there at their door.

Wherever that door may be. Even when there isn’t a door.

Because not everyone is so fortunate to have a roof over their head.

The Pongo Fund’s award winning and volunteer driven Pet Food Bank manages a distribution network that strategically places food in many locations throughout the community. And we’ve provided more than 9,000,000 high-quality meals so far. Meaning on any given day someone should be able to find the food they need close to where they are. That’s the goal.

But here’s the even cooler part. It’s the same goal we have with The Pongo Fund’s Emergency Veterinary Care program.

And that’s why last week we were onsite with a Mobile Veterinary Hospital and a team of generous and compassionate volunteer veterinarians providing vital care for some of our community’s most fragile. And we did it right at their door, ready with the ability to run bloodwork, xrays and go into surgery as needed.

Imagine a super sweet 16 year-old Collie with arthritis. Another with IBD. A Chihuahua with nasty worms. Pets facing a variety of ailments including eye infections, allergies, achy joints and more. Lady and Virgil and Baby Girl and Sam were just a few. We were there for them.

All of these animals were awesome! And all of them have people who love them. But they are people who cannot afford even the most limited veterinary care. So together they suffer. Ultimately losing quality of life, then life itself.

Thanks to all of you who donate to our Emergency Veterinary Care Fund, these people and their pets continue to get another chance.

And we’ll be out again and again and again providing this lifesaving veterinary care, visiting them where they are, when they are, because being there for the animals and the people who love them is what we do.

To support our one-of-a-kind Emergency Veterinary Care Fund, please donate here:

We do this work with you. We do it because of you. But most importantly, we do it together.

And this is why we Pongo.

Sit. Stay. Eat. Live.

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