The Pongo Fund Veterinary Care

The Pongo Fund Mobile Animal Hospital provides free lifesaving care for hundreds of animals each year thanks to a network of dedicated veterinarians and medical professionals. On board are two surgical areas, dental equipment, full laboratory, digital xray, pharmacy and more. If your pet needs veterinary care* or for more information, please email us at and please reply to the questions asked below:

(If this is an EMERGENCY, please scroll down for Emergency Resources.)

  1. Your full legal name, date of birth, home address and telephone number.
  2. How did you hear about The Pongo Fund? For example, from a neighbor, a social worker, an agency, am a current client, etc.
  3. The name, breed, weight, sex and age of your pet? For example: Spot, dog, 50 lbs, M, 2 years old
  4. How long have you had your pet?
  5. Your pet’s current health condition that needs attention?
  6. How long has this condition been evident?
  7. If there was an accident that caused an injury, what was the accident and when and how did it occur?
  8. Do you currently have a veterinarian? If so, who is it? And when was your last visit?
  9. Has your veterinarian examined your pet for the current condition you are telling us about now? And if so, what were the findings?
  10. Where was your pet adopted or purchased from? Specific information is required. For example: shelter, humane society, rescue group, bought from breeder for $100, friend, found, etc.
  11. Has your pet received a current rabies vaccination? If so, when and where was it done?
  12. Is your pet current on other vaccinations? If not, please tell us why not.
  13. Is your pet spayed or neutered? If not, please tell us why not. (for example, is cost an obstacle, do you plan to breed, vet advises against it due to age or other issues, etc?)
  14. Is your pet licensed in the county in which you reside?
  15. What food(s) do you currently feed your pet? Please tell us the specific type and brand(s) if you know them.
  16. Does your pet have any allergies? If so, have they been tested for these allergies to determine the cause?
  17. Are you currently employed? If so, where do you work and how many hours do you work per week?
  18. Do you currently receive any social service or government assistance? If so, what assistance do you receive, and what is the dollar amount?
  19. How much is your current or average monthly income, and from what specific sources? Please include all income sources.
  20. Do you have other pets? If so, what kind and how many? And have all pets in your home been spayed or neutered?
  21. Have you ever been arrested for or charged with a crime against animals?
  22. Please note that we may schedule a home visit to meet your pets.
  23. Is there anything else you’d like us to know?

We’ll be back in touch after we receive your information. We receive many requests for help and unfortunately cannot help in all cases. Please know that it could take us several days to be back in touch with you. So if this is an EMERGENCY, please review the Emergency Resources below.

(If this is an EMERGENCY, please scroll down for Emergency Resources.)

*Please note that VCA Animal Hospitals will generously provide a low cost exam for new clients. This exam could be for any reason whatsoever, so do not hesitate to locate the VCA Hospital nearest you. The exam does not include testing or medications or advanced treatment, but could be a tremendous resource to help diagnose and treat any veterinary concerns. Please click here:

**********IF THIS IS AN EMERGENCY, please contact:**********

Multnomah County Animal Services – 503-988-7387

ASPCA Animal Poison Control – 888-426-4435 (a fee may apply)