Shirts and Zip Front Hoodies: “The Greatness of a Nation”












Say hello to our new Limited Edition tshirt and hoodie. We went big and we went bold because this message needs to be heard. These are the words The Pongo Fund was built on. The first banner we made, these were the words. It still hangs in our pet food bank today. We live by these words, we believe in these words. I’ve always wanted to wear them and now I can. You can too. Built right here in Portland, Oregon, the Tshirts are 100% cotton, sized S-3XL. Hoodies are full zipfront, cotton/poly blend, sized S-3XL. This gear is as good as it gets because we don’t cut corners. We will sell them as a Pongo Pack, with a full zipfront hoodie and a tshirt, and just for fun, we’ll include our Pongo snapback hat. Bet you didn’t even know we had a hat. We do, and it’s great. Each Pongo Pack is $100* and domestic shipping is free. Ordering is quick and simple via our secure Giving Site. The link is here:

Please add your mailing address, telephone number, tshirt and/or hoodie size in the “Comments” section. (*For 2XL & 3XL, please add $10 extra as the cost is higher.) You can also mail your check to The Pongo Fund, PO Box 9000, Portland, OR, 97207. We’ll be in touch if we have any questions. Please allow up to 60 days for receipt. You can also pickup from us, and that way we can say thank you in person.

Please email or call with any questions. All contact info is on our website at

Thank you from all of us at The Pongo Fund.

Sit. Stay. Eat. Live. Wear Pongo Proud.