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The Pongo Fund is Oregon’s Pet Food Bank. Because hungry people have hungry pets.

Our award-winning and volunteer driven public charity has provided more than 12,000,000 quality meals for more than 100,000 hungry family pets, giving a chance to animals that might not otherwise have a chance and giving hope to families that have little else to be hopeful for. We have pioneered a new way to save lives, reduce shelter populations and end needless euthanasia by keeping family pets safe at home with their families and out of the shelters.

We exist because of the generous support of companies and individuals who care about animals and the love and joy they bring to us all. If you are lucky enough to have a dog or cat for a friend and companion, then you understand how important animals are.

Your donation will help keep people and their pets together, preventing the hunger, suffering, abandonment, surrender and loss of the animals they love.

The Pongo Fund is an award winning and volunteer driven 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity. Our tax identification number is 27-0646992.


Please Donate to Pongo Now

Your generous cash contributions are essential to our success and they go the farthest thanks to our tremendous buying power. Donations can be made at this very moment by using the Donate Now Paypal link on this very page or, if you prefer, checks can be sent directly to us.

Please mail checks to:
The Pongo Fund
PO Box 9000
Portland, OR

Please contact Larry Chusid at 503-939-7555 or; he will be pleased to explain precisely how your contribution will be used.

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