Fred Meyer Rewards Card

Fred-Meyer-Rewards Card logo--TPF is 83520DOUBLE THE MONEY FOR FREE! Your Fred Meyer Community Rewards Card means big dollars for The Pongo Fund and it doesn’t cost you a penny. Simply go their website and register your Fred Meyer Rewards Card and select The Pongo Fund (#83520) as your partner.

The website is and our partner number is 83520. Money that will help us provide more help for Ken and Buzz, the man and dog featured in our Facebook story yesterday.

Then shop as usual, using your Rewards Card each time. Fred Meyer will send us a quarterly check for a percentage of total sales. Last month that check paid for two pallets of cat food! Even better, one of our donors will DOUBLE that check. Meaning that your shopping Rewards will be doubled.

And remember, it costs you nothing but will save lives all across Oregon and Washington.

Thank you from all of us at The Pongo Fund

Sit. Stay. Eat. Live.