The Pongo Fund is an award winning, volunteer driven non-profit public charity fueled by a passionate group of volunteers who have together donated more than 20,000 hours of dedicated service since November, 2009.


Board of Directors

A. Stan Bland
Animal advocate, Conservationist, Entrepreneur and Community Activist. Board Member, The Oregon Zoo; Board Member, Project Pooch; Board Member, the Bland Family Foundation; past Board Member, Camp Ukandu. Stan is the guardian of two canine friends, Molly the Mutt and Hank the Bulldog.

Howard Hedinger
Industrialist and Philanthropist. Honorable defender of those less fortunate, both two legged and four. His best friend is Hero, a career change dog adopted from Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Laurie Gruenberg
Psychiatric nurse and licensed clinical social worker with expertise in critical care areas including cancer rehabilitation, case management, and mental health. Deeply committed to feeding both people and their pets. Her pack includes felines, Andre and Kali, and canines, Duke, a rescue Ridgeback mix, Stella, an impish Golden Retriever, and husband Dan.

Lesley Dodson
Technology strategist with a long career in international retail and technology operations for companies including Nike, L’Oreal, FatEarth and M Financial Group. Currently serving as Vice President of Operations at Stratus Dental Group. Lesley is committed to animal welfare and participates in the efforts of local, national and international groups working on behalf of animals everywhere. Her family includes Pickle the Chihuahua and Freja the Magnificent.

Larry Chusid
Founder & Executive Director, The Pongo Fund. Advocate, Preservationist and Entrepreneur. Defender and champion of animals everywhere; Lifelong friend of Pongo. In 2011 Larry adopted Scooby, a 17 year-old Beagle/Bassett mix aka a Bagle. They are the best of friends.

Pongo Chusid
Lifetime Trustee, The Pongo Fund


Professional Services Team

  • J. Alan Jensen, Attorney; Holland & Knight
  • Gary Glisson, Attorney; Stoel Rives
  • Peter Leichtfuss, Attorney; Peter S. Leichtfuss
  • Roy Abramowitz, CPA, CFP; Perkins & Co.

Volunteer Staff

  • Michael Birrenkott: Manager, External Operations
  • Stefan Oswald: Manager, Lobby Operations
  • Andrea Fidel: Manager, Lobby Operations
  • Christian Kerr: Manager, Lobby Operations
  • Jim Laughlin: Manager, Inventory Fulfillment
  • Angela Christiansen: Manager, Inventory Distribution
  • Darla Murray: Manager, Inventory Distribution
  • Laurie Gruenberg: Manager, Inventory Distribution
  • Becky Batke: Manager, Inventory Distribution
  • Amy Hascall: Manager, Events and Outreach