The Pongo Fund

pongo The Pongo Fund is Oregon’s only full-time charity focused on fighting animal hunger. Because hungry people have hungry pets. We work tirelessly to reduce shelter populations and keep families together by providing emergency pet food assistance to anyone in honest need. Protecting beloved family pets from the suffering, starvation, surrender, abandonment or worse, when a lack of food, but not a lack of love, is their only enemy. Read More

The Pet Food Bank

The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank The Pet Food Bank is the heart and soul of The Pongo Fund. A no frills warehouse packed with thousands of bags of nutritious dog and cat food. Staffed by a volunteer driven team that numbers more than 100. It is a place filled with love. Love and food. Food that stands at the ready to be shared with anyone in honest need when they are temporarily unable to keep their own pets fed. Because when people must choose what to cut from their grocery lists, pets often are among those that suffer most. Read More

News & Events

Small But Mighty

2013-11-24 13.23.16--Crystal and dog Precious--(FB 3-16-14; 4-1-14; 9-15-14, 12-24-14, 7-28-15, 10-10-16, 12-31-16, 9-10-17) Sometimes it’s hard to tell people what The Pongo Fund does. To explain what The Pongo Fund means. To describe the work we do and why we do it. We’re a small-but-mighty volunteer driven team that has no marketing or public relations staff to tell our story. We’re just the little guy that has developed Read More


2017-08-30 15.26.59 -- Lindy DeMoss -- FB 8-30-17 I call this The Schmaboopie, that’s the scientific name for the 90 degree deep neck turn when you hit the right spot. Just kidding, I made that word up. But when you hit the right spot, when the eyes close, when the purrs grow louder, oh man, pick whatever word you want. Because when a Read More
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