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52,000 Thanks For Sniff Dog Hotel

2016-02-25 08.36.42-2 FB 2-25-16 Sniff Dog HotelScooby knows what that envelope means and that’s why he’s Smiling. 52,000 smiles. Because he used to be one of the ones with no food. Living on the streets, sleeping on cement, he had cardboard for a blanket. Even when life got better he never forgot where he came from. That’s why he always stepped back and let the other dogs eat first. He knew they might be even hungrier. He just knew how to be Scooby.

And that’s why he knows how special that envelope is. Because it means lots of Scooby’s and Fifi’s and Jasper’s and Frankie’s and Roscoe’s and Honey’s will never know the hunger that Scooby did. Because that envelope from Sniff Dog Hotel means 52,000 more meals for the starving animals. Yes. 52,000!

Sniff Dog Hotel has been a friend of The Pongo Fund since pretty much the beginning. We both started around the same time and with the same goal: to do the best, to help the most.

Sniff runs one of the sweetest Dog Hotels on the Planet. Go in for a visit and you’ll want to stay there too. But sorry, just for dogs.

We get it, really we do. Because we’ve had some of our most special friends stay there and we know what a great place it is.

Dutch, the dog that was rescued from a locked truck on a sunny day when his Dad ended up in the hospital. He stayed there. Lil D, the dog rescued from a van in a hospital parking lot when her Dad needed heart surgery. She stayed there too. And each time, Sniff Dog Hotel ripped up the bill. They said that working with The Pongo Fund was their honor and they could never charge for doing the right thing.

Last December Sniff organized another one of their Kibble For A Cause Pet Food Drives. Teaming up with their customers to sponsor bags of food and then stepping forward to also match donations, they raised enough money to provide 52,000 meals. That’s a lot!

The Pongo Fund is a little group. We’re small, but mighty. We do our best. But it’s each one of you and all of our friends like Sniff Dog Hotel that keep us going. You are the engine that drives us forward.

We do this work with you. We do it because of you. But most importantly, we do it together.

And this is why we Pongo.

Sit. Stay. Eat. Live.

Sniff Dog Hotel / 1828 NW Raleigh / Portland OR 97209 / 503-208-2366 /

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