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More Big Hunk

FullSizeRender (15) FB 2-28-162016-02-07 11.18.51-2 FB 2-8-16 Big HunkHere’s the update. With before and after photos. Because we can’t celebrate this sweet guy we call Big Hunk without first remembering what we’re celebrating. So please, let’s do that now.

His Mom reached out to us. The photos were heartbreaking. Her email was brief and profound. She wrote: “I’ve tried to raise money and get help to save him; it seems no one wants to help us. Please, he’s our family.”

For The Pongo Fund, one look at the photos and nothing else mattered.

What mattered was that we are human. We have compassion. And we are in this world to do no harm. We will help when we can. And if we can’t, we will still try. So that’s what we did.

And that’s when you stepped in to help us. Your contributions of emergency medical funds, kind words and prayers made the impossible possible. And that meant that together, we did what no one else would do.

We did it because it needed to be done. Because it was the right thing to do. And what a difference it made. So powerful, that a life was saved.

Saving a life. Those are the times we are most proud to Pongo.

Big Hunk was seen at VCA East Mill Plain Animal Hospital and the very next day he was in surgery. There was no time to wait.

And that next day, when he woke up, his life had changed forever. That huge gnarly and deadly mass was now gone. And this sweet boy could once again play and eat and smile.

You did it. You, and Dr. Alayson and her crackerjack team at VCA East Mill Plain Animal Hospital.

The next step was the biopsy. And that biopsy took much longer than expected because of how large and developed the mass was. So we waited. And then we heard.

It was great news. Not perfect, but a million times better. And that was the goal. Big Hunk will continue going strong while we plan the next steps. I’ll keep you posted.

But for now, please let me reach through the internet and give a hug to each one of you who has been there for Big Hunk. Once again, you got the job done.

Because what we do, we do together.

Please donate to our Emergency Veterinary Care Fund so we can help more like Big Hunk. 100% of your donation will be used for veterinary care. The link is here:

And how’s he doing now? His Mom said he’s doing GREAT! Wagging his tail & playing with his brother, going on his daily walks & playing with his neighborhood friends.


And this is why we Pongo.

Sit. Stay. Eat. Live.

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