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Thank You Green Dog Pet Supply

2016-02-01 13.05.31-1 ASC Nick with NutriSource (35) FB 2-23-16 Green DogOne! Two! Three! FOUR! But don’t stop yet because this is only part of it and there’s a lot more to count. Because once again, Portland’s Green Dog Pet Supply hosted the largest single store, premium quality pet food drive in America with more than $20,000 of food for The Pongo Fund. That’s right, $20,000!!!

Even better, every single kibble is super high quality, some of the best of the best. Because that’s how Green Dog does it. Always the best.

But it’s even better than that. Because to really understand how large this pet food drive is, you’ve got to first understand that Green Dog is just a one-store, family owned business.

They’re not a behemoth. They’re not even a mini-chain. Just one single store. Packed with some of the most knowledgeable folks you can ever hope to meet.

And they have just one focus: Doing what’s best for your pets. That’s it. Pets first. Profits come later. Really!

Walking the talk, Green Dog once again put the profits aside with this December pet food drive. Meaning they sold every single bag at their cost. They did not earn even one single penny of profit. Told you!

They also got their distributor and vendor to donate even more food.

But there’s more.

Because when everything was totaled up, Green Dog again stepped forward and matched the total. Meaning they doubled every single donation. DOUBLED!

There are not enough Green Dog Pet Supply’s in the world. Community Conscious stores that lead by example. Christine and Michael and their team have been part of The Pongo Fund since the beginning. And every single day we are honored to count them among our friends.

Thank you Green Dog Pet Supply for being here for the animals. And congratulations to you, your customers and your suppliers, for once again knocking it out of the park with the BIGGEST single store, premium quality pet food drive in America. You Rock!

Sit. Stay. Eat. Live.

Green Dog Pet Supply / 4327 NE Fremont / Portland OR 97213 / 503-528-1800 /

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