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Kibbling The World

He said he wanted to pack kibble but not actually pack the kibble. Like, could he manage others while they packed kibble? Something about the call wasn’t right. Then we found out everything was right. He’d raised money for The Pongo Fund but he wanted to do more. He wanted to pack kibble. Except his hands didn’t work the way he needed them to, not for kibble anyway. But he knew others who could. So, would we consider a different kind of kibble pack?

We’ve kibbled senior centers, we’ve kibbled hospitals, we’ve kibbled Autism and Downs, we’ve kibbled domestic violence shelters and we’ve kibbled disabled Veterans. Pretty much, if it can be kibbled, we’ll kibble it.

Remember the elderly man whose wife had recently died, and he wanted to kibble in her honor, except he could not get to us?

So we went to him. Just like we did for this kid. We packed up the Emergency Kibble Response Team, and we went kibbling.

This kid had his own Kibble Crew, we showed them how we kibble, and they took it from there. He has a cat, so they kibbled cat food. This batch happened to be in memory of Maddie Miller, a special friend of The Pongo Fund who crossed the Rainbow Bridge recently.

These kids spent a lot of time laughing. The hardest part was not that his arms were set up differently; it was trying not to spill the kibble with his constant barrage of jokes. This was a super sensitive kid with a heart of gold. Packing kibble was on his bucket list. And he wants to do it again. Count us in.

This was one of those moments we never saw coming. A kid, who for all intents and purposes should not be able to pack kibble, yet rewires the system so he can pack kibble. And the best part, it might be some of the finest kibble ever packed.

Kibbling the World.

And this is why we Pongo.

Sit. Stay. Eat. Live.
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