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These Are The Hardest Times

We need your help now please. Because these are the hardest times and tens of thousands are counting on us. It’s cold and wet and the need skyrockets when the weather turns nasty and we’re getting hammered with need. That empty pallet should have thousands of pounds of food on it. And we’ve got 19 more empty ones just like it.

Food is the core of what we do. It works the same way for you and your animals too. We all need it. During the past 8 years we’ve provided 12,000,000 meals, helping keep 120,000 animals safe and well fed during the toughest of times. So far we’ve never run out of food, and we’re doing everything we can to make sure we don’t run out now.

We’re very fortunate to work with generous companies who provide us large discounts in our food purchasing. Because the truth is we use far too much to rely solely on a bag here and a bag there and that’s why we purchase a truckload at a time. It also means we can maintain food of the highest quality, each bag fresh and unopened. But right now we need some help to get restocked and carry us through the winter months. Because tens of thousands of people and pets are counting on us.

Your donation to our Food Fund will be TRIPLED. That’s right, it will be tripled. It is our #GivingTuesday promo and we’re doing it ALL WEEK LONG. Please write FOOD FUND in the comments when you donate and we’ll take it from there. Our goal is to raise $20,000 to carry us through the next few months. And if we raise $20,000, we’ll receive $60,000. Will you please help us do that?

Because an empty bowl means an empty stomach. And no animal should ever go hungry.

We have several donation options. Our Give Guide option is a special year-end fundraiser and donations via will also be entered to win a free Pongo Pack with our hoodie, tshirt and knit cap.

Or please donate via our Paypal link using your credit card here You can also set up an easy recurring monthly contribution there too.

And of course we love receiving mail, so please also mail us your check to The Pongo Fund, PO Box 9000, Portland, OR, 97207. Bonus points if you let your dog lick the envelope.

Please help us care for the forgotten, for the hungry, for the left behind, for the abused, the battered and the neglected. Because no animal should go to bed hungry.

Sit. Stay. Eat. Live.
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