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Let’s begin the New Year with an extra moment of gratitude. This moment, right now. Because we all deserve to celebrate good things together. Not just today. But everyday. Particularly with so much bad in the world. So much strife and conflict and pain and suffering. We all face it. We all feel it.

The Pongo Fund is dearly blessed to have many kind and generous friends. Each one cares deeply about the animals and the work that we do. But they have one other thing in common. They do not seek accolades. They do not want to be feted on Facebook or in newsletters. It’s just not their way. They give from the heart, with heart. A kind of generosity that is felt both inside and out. For them. For us. They give for good. Without expectation or demand.

Sometimes we forget the good, it’s easy to do. To forget that another day is a blessing. And that’s why we invite you now to please join us in celebrating this day. Because this day is a Blessing. For you, for us, for the animals.

And there is also no better time than this moment to offer some extra heartfelt gratitude to our dear friend Howard Hedinger. He’s the ageless and handsome man in the photo. And no, he didn’t ask for his photo to appear. He has no idea. But we’ll make sure he sees it and the comments. He will be thankful for the kind words.

We’ve talked about him before but the truth is there’s just no shortage of good things to say about him. He’s been part of The Pongo Fund since the beginning. And he’s still right there with us now. And as he’s done for the last several years, he’s once again brightened our New Year by doing something extra special for us. And for the people and the pets that count on us.

He feels the joy and the love of others deep inside his own heart. Empathy could easily be his middle name. And when he does something to bring joy and love to someone who desperately needs to feel it, he feels it even more himself. He’s part of it. He’s connected to it. He delivers it.

Sometimes in words. Sometimes with a smile. Sometimes hidden with an anonymous gift to help those unsuspecting. You may never see him coming. But you will surely feel his love. And the end result is always the same. There is more Love. There is more Joy. There is more Grace. There is more Kindness. There is more Gratitude. There are more Blessings. All because of this man.

Howard is the sprinkles on the cupcake. He’s the confetti. He’s the rainbow. He’s an extra-special good guy! If only there were more Howard’s in the world. If only.

With gratitude to Howard. And to each and every one of you too. Because everything that we do, we do together.

Thank you Howard, you are loved.

And this is why we Pongo.

Sit. Stay. Eat. Live.
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