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Remembering French Fry Friday

2016-02-18 18.04.57-2 FB 2-19-16 Scooby Remembering French Fry FridayHold close to the those you love. For those times never last long enough. Thankfully we will always have our French Fry Fridays. Maybe a bit different than before. But let’s enjoy them together.

Thank you for your continued love and support in memory of The Scoobs. It means more to me than you may ever know. —-Larry

PS: For those of you honoring and remembering Scooby with your own French Fry Friday, thank you. But please take it easy on the fries. Scooby’s fries were most often home made and prepared without oil or salt and he enjoyed only a couple of small ones. Restaurant fries are not so healthy, often packed with oil and salt, and they can cause serious illness. So please be careful and give in small amounts only. Your love is more important than the fries 🙂