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Jack the Young Philanthropist

That’s Jack in the back, with the Santa hat. Jack, the Young Philanthropist. His Mom and his Grandparents, they are there too. Sorry, I don’t know their names, but you can see how proud they are. Jack got money for Christmas, but Jack also knows that others are less fortunate. So Jack wanted to share the love, giving up his own gifts to help those in need.

Jack’s Grandparents were touched by their generous grandson, and doubled the money. And then they went shopping. Arriving at The Pongo Fund on the day before Christmas laden with more pet food than you can see. But that’s not all. Because Jack knows it is hungry people who have hungry pets. So he also included socks and gloves and toothbrushes and all sorts of other supplies. Because helping the pets, and the people at the same time, made his holiday even more meaningful.

To Jack and your Family, from all of us at The Pongo Fund, we thank you.

Sit. Stay. Eat. Live.