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Celebrate The Small Victories

Peanut 11084308_221227304714698_7574294705753103819_nHe got hit by a car just last week. Reminding us to celebrate the small victories. If it’s better today than yesterday, we celebrate. No parades or popping champagne corks or balloon bouquests necessary. Just a simple and heartfelt moment of gratitude. A moment that reminds us that we helped. Help that we could provide only because each one of you were there to help make it happen.

Peanut went to the vet yesterday. A vet appointment that his Mom could afford only because your donations will pay the bill. And despite being hit by a car just one week ago, this little Tater Tot is recovering well.

The bill is on the way to The Pongo Fund now. It will arrive in the next couple of days. When we write the check I only wish we could sign it with the names of each and every one of you. Because this is one bill that we will all pay together.

We’ll follow up with another exam in a week or so, and until then this little dynamo is on bedrest with only limited outings. And that means no zoomies!

Pain meds and anti-inflammatories will continue to do their job and hopefully Peanut will continue his speedy recovery. We will keep you updated.

Being there for Peanut and the Mom who loves him. And this is why we Pongo.

To support our emergency vet care fund to help other animals like Peanut, please click here:

Sit. Stay. Eat. Live. Go Peanut.