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A Secret Place With Special Kitties

Cat 10177277_290167781146879_2393523883673894700_n--FB 5-7-14There is a Secret Place filled with special kitties. Ferals. Strays. Street Cats. House Cats. Hospice. Each and every one of them a survivor.

We cannot tell you where this secret sanctuary is because privacy is crucial to their work. But when this special place needed emergency help with food for some of their most finicky residents, they turned to The Pongo Fund. And 1,000 cans of cat food is on the way to them now.

Today these kitties purr and meow and do what kitties love to do. What they want. When they want. But they will never leave this beautiful place because their needs are too great.  Which is not a bad thing. Because this secret place is indeed a beautiful place.

Hooray for these kitties. These brave and battle-scarred and wonderful kitties that have survived against the odds. Their sad tales and toughest days are behind them now. They are safe. And The Pongo Fund will help keep them fed while they enjoy their golden years.

Thank you to each and every one of you that has donated to our Pongo to the Rescue program. A special fund that helps us help the hard-working no-kill sanctuaries and rescues meet their greatest food needs.

Together. You. And us. We will always do this work together.

Sit. Stay. Eat. Live.

Pongo to the Rescue donation link is here: (please write Pongo to the Rescue in the comments section)