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Help The Pongo Fund Win Up To $250,000 from Chase

The Pongo Fund is in the running to win up to $250,000 through the Chase Community Giving campaign. But we need your vote. And we need your friend’s vote, and their friend’s vote too. Because each and every vote could make all the difference in the world.


The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank donates pet food to families at risk of losing their pets due to financial hardship. Keeping these beloved animals from starving, suffering, ending up in shelters or being euthanized when hunger is their only enemy.

In 2009 a social worker told us the story of two small children who saw their family give up their beloved dog because they could not afford dog food; these children then feared they would be given up as well.

Since that day our volunteer-driven group has donated nearly 4,000,000 meals of nutritious, high-quality pet food for more than 50,000 pets belonging to 20,000+ families. Pets that are still safe at home with their families and not in shelters.We’ve even helped spay and neuter some 1,000 animals; drastically reducing shelter populations.

Because when people go hungry, their pets go hungry too. And sometimes, it’s just a simple bowl of kibble that can be the force to both keep a family together and save the lives of the animals they love.

Your vote for The Pongo Fund can help feed and save even more animals. Won’t you please do it now? Sit. Stay. Eat. Live.